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Men Sport Watch Multifunction Stopwatch Fitness Alarm Clock 5Bar Waterproof BackLight Square Digital Watches Relogio Masculino

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1. Time Setting Time interface-Press M 3 times-Setting place flashing, Press S for setting, Press R Switch-Press M 1 time to save In the time interface (the watch picture shows time interface), press the M key 3 times to switch to the time setting mode,  Note: the second number flashes, press the S key once, the second number will be cleared, time alignment can be done by using this function. ·Press the R key once to switch to minute number flashing, press the S key to adjust the minute, after the minute adjustment is completed ·Press R key once to switch to hour flashing, then press S key to adjust hour,  Note: if the position of the second in the upper right corner is H, it is 24-hour system, and A or P is 12-hour system.      A is AM, P is PM ·Press R key once to switch to day adjustment, when the day number flashes, press S key to adjust, after the day adjustment is completed, · Press R once to switch to month adjustment, at this time the month NUMBER flashes, press S to adjust the month to the correct month.  After the month adjustment, ·Press the R key once to switch to the day of the date adjustment, at this time the top row of the week box flashes, The flashing position is date, and press the S key to adjust. After adjustment, press M to confirm and return to the time display interface

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