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Push Up Board

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Bullet Points:
1、16-in-1 Push-Up Board: The push-up boards features the various color codes, which are used for specific muscles, chest muscles and abdominal muscles, arm muscles and latissimus dorsi, chest (blue), shoulders (red), back (yellow), triceps(green).
2、Promote Exercise: The heavy-duty "plug and play" push up board system has multiple positions and angles. In just 30 minutes a day, you can exercise muscles, and you can increase your body's up and down strength, burn calories, and lose weight.
3、Foldable Board: The push-up board is designed for home training makes it easier to take and pick up. And it is easy to use, just place the handle in the desired position. Sliding round filler makes the upper pressing plate more stable and safer to use.
4、Premium Handle: The silicone/ABS handle can prevent slipping without worrying about sweating. And the push-up board features the high-grade ABS plastic to be firm, which is not easy to break or damage, safer, foldable, and easy to carry.
5、Wide Applications: The push-up boards can help everyone-men and women, professional athletes or beginners. You can use it for yoga, pre-workout, strength training, etc.
1.16-in-1 Push-Up Board: The push-up boards features the various color codes, which are used for specific muscles, chest muscles and abdominal muscles, arm muscles and latissimus dorsi, chest (blue), shoulders (red), back (yellow), triceps(green).
2.Promote Exercise: The heavy-duty "plug and play" push up board system has multiple positions and angles. In just 30 minutes a day, you can exercise muscles, and you can increase your body's up and down strength, burn calories, and lose weight.
3.Foldable Board: The push-up board is designed for home training makes it easier to take and pick up. And it is easy to use, just place the handle in the desired position. Sliding round filler makes the upper pressing plate more stable and safer to use.
4.Premium Handle: The silicone/ABS handle can prevent slipping without worrying about sweating. And the push-up board features the high-grade ABS plastic to be firm, which is not easy to break or damage, safer, foldable, and easy to carry.
5.Wide Applications: The push-up boards can help everyone-men and women, professional athletes or beginners. You can use it for yoga, pre-workout, strength training, etc.

Material: eco-friendly ABS
Push-up board size: 67.2*19.5*2cm/26.4*7..6*0.78 inch

Packing List:
1*Push-Up Board


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