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Contact Lenses Auto Cleaner Daily Care Portable Contact Lens Clean Device USB Charge Eyes Care Kit Gift Travel Portable

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1. Gently open the upper cover, open the upper cover of the product, and unscrew the screw cover anticlockwise. 2. Fill the cleaning tank with the care solution of immersion probe, put in the contact lens, and screw on the screw cap clockwise. 3. Tap the switch, turn on the full-automatic cleaning, and the work indicator ring is on; after the work indicator goes out, the cleaning is completed. 4. The cleaned contact lenses can be worn directly after being rinsed with nursing solution, or soaked in the cleaning tank with fresh nursing solution.

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Charging Data Line * 1 Tweezers * 1 Sucker * 1 Cleaning Bin *1 Cleaning Base * 1 Description *1

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