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Touch Speaker Induction Boombox HIFI Speakers

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Touch Speaker Induction Boombox HIFI Subwoofer Ultra Light Mini Wireless Portable Speakers for iPhone 6 6s 7 Plus Samsung


This product is an induction speaker, amplified electromagnetic induction, no need to connect a Bluetooth!

Simply phone, tablet, placed on the mutual inductance speaker can amplify the sound. In operation, the phone must be placed on the speakers.With Aux interface can also be connected to a computer using a cell phone, audio cable with their own needs.Currently, in addition to for Huawei glory 6 Plus, millet note, millet 4, the product is compatible with most brands have external speakers tablet series.


Power supply:

1. Charged

2. Or the use of self-made batteries. It works both ways


Instructions for use:

Step one: Open the speaker on the back of the switch, and then press the button in front of the lamp, make sure that lights up in blue. When the speakers work, light is blue.

Step two: identify the speaker phone that a mobile phone trumpet position must be left in front of the sensor area. If the bell does not come to the phone can not be induced.

The third step: phone at the induction area around the mobile phone you will obviously feel a difference when the bell to the left against the sensing area when the sound increased significantly, to the right mobile phone when voice significantly smaller.

Note: Different audio devices placed different, keep trying until you put the tablet in perfect sound quality.


Volume Adjustment: To adjust the volume, only need to change the volume of the plate, the speaker will automatically adjust the output volume.




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