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Outdoor Sports Support Sleeve with Protection Pad Cushion

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Outdoor Sports Knee Support Sleeve Basketball Running Support Protection Pad Cushion Basketball Compression Protection Leg




1. Suitable for all sports activities that involve a great amount of stress on the joints like running, basketball, soccer, football, golf, cycling, tennis, hiking, volleyball, jogging skiing and much more.

 2. Quick at absorbing sweat and keeps your leg dry and odor-free, gives you hours of continuous use. Retains body heat to warm the knee joint and increase blood circulation.

3. Elastic special knitted design with silicone gel strips. Offer soft tissue stable compression and support during gym time. Protect and Prevent knee from striking and impacting in exercise.

4. Soothe chronic and acute ankle injury symptoms, protect the knee and decrease the risk of injury, relieve the tension on the muscle to prevent overuse, help reduce swelling and relieve pain due to bursitis.

5. Three-dimensional braided silica gel anti-motion protection provides sufficient pressure for knee joint movement and provides more healthy pressure.

Specifications: Type:Knee Braces & Immobilizers





Features:Breathable,comfortable,lightweight,durable,anti-slip,elastic Sports Type:Basketball,football,cycling,riding,running,hiking,gym,fitness


Size Chart:

 Size---Lenght---Lower width---Upper width---Thigh size M----31CM-----15CM----------17CM-----------35-40cm L-----31CM-----16CM----------18CM-----------41-46cm XL---31CM------17CM---------19CM-----------47-53cm

Package Included: 1x Knee Support(opp bag)


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